cage the wild data  
Cage the Wild Data

Number Zoo provides software solutions and development services that augment an organization's financial systems to automate manual, missing, or inefficient processes and data. This "wild data" is caged: made available, maintained efficiently and delivered as useful information. Your effectiveness and profits will increase.

Software Solutions

Our suite of web modules share a common theme. They integrate with your financial systems to streamline and automate common inefficient workflows and provide decision makers with better and more timely information. Number Zoo modules are reasonably priced, reduce FTEs, and can be deployed in a week on an existing Windows server without 3rd party software requirements. Our licensing includes a .Net/C#/SQL open source option to allow customizing and extending.

Our Web Requisition and Expense Tracker automate these often manual workflows with an easy to use and intuitive interface while improving control and accountability. These modules leverage Number Zoo's Approve module, our workflow/approval engine integrated to facilitate the authorization of transactions via email or a portal dashboard. Approve can be licensed to streamline any web form-based approval workflow.

Decision Pace provides a best practice end user tool and code generator to rapidly produce sophisticated business intelligence objects, focused on management by exception, for a fraction of the time and cost of custom programming. Project Forecaster is a budgeting/planning tool that aids managers to plan and control project and matter resource allocations and profitability.

Development Services

Number Zoo also provides exceptional consulting services, supporting both our product offerings and custom development depending on your unique requirements. We build software applications especially for the way your company operates and leverage our code base and existing tools to create an integrated solution, improving your control and workflow efficiency.
  • Control your internal processes
  • We'll work with your IT staff
  • Add value with our development experience
  • Whole Internet applications
  • Workflow and integration
  • Leverage our library of code
  • Deep experience with Microsoft's .NET technology